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Pfc. David L. Titterington: An MP’s Service in Europe during World War II was published December 18, 2021 by Trans-Mississippi Musings Press.

This is the story of my father, David Lee Titterington, and his service in the United States Army during World War II. To a lesser extent, it is also the story of my mother, Elizabeth Freeman Lister Titterington, and her life on the “Home Front.” They were a young couple in their twenties living in Providence, Rhode Island. They had been married about a year when the United States of America entered the war following Pearly Harbor.

Drafted in July 1943, Lee was processed at Fort Devens, Massachusetts before traveling to Camp Fannin, Texas, where he spent 17 weeks in basic training learning to be an infantry rifleman. Because he was one of hundreds of thousands of the soldiers destined to be part of the planned 1944 cross-channel invasion of Europe, Lee reported to Fort Meade, Maryland, for overseas deployment preparation. Ten days later, Lee reported to Camp Shanks, New York, where he waited for his orders to board a troop transport and sail for Great Britain.

At some point after arriving in England in January 1944, Private Titterington was transferred into Company B, 507th Military Police Battalion. His training continued, and Lee was a member of Task Force “U,” landing on Utah Beach during the invasion of Normandy. Following the Normandy campaign, my father earned four additional battle stars by participating in the Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe campaigns.

After Germany surrendered in May 1945, Lee spent another six months serving in occupied Austria. Lee boarded another troop transport and arrived in New York City on December 10, 1945. Having come full circle, Lee reported to Fort Devens where he received an Honorable Discharge from the Army on December 15, 1945. From there Lee returned to Providence for a joyous reunion with Betty.

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