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Trans-Mississippi Musing Press is the publishing imprint of theCivilWarMuse. I published my first book, "The Battle of Pilot Knob," in January 2013. After launching this website, I decided to branch out by teaching some classes about Trans-Mississippi events. In the classes, I provided the context, but the participants, themselves, told the story. These classes were well received. When I discovered how straightforward self-publishing was, it seemed only natural to take the next step and write a book.

I chose the Battle of Pilot Knob as my first book for a number of reasons. One, it's an interesting story. Why did Sterling Price choose to attack a small Federal force behind the fortifications of Fort Davidson in Pilot Knob? In hindsight, he should have moved as quickly as possible to attack St. Louis. If he had done this, the whole 1864 raid would have turned out differently. Two, I had just returned from visiting the Fort Davidson State Historic Site located in Pilot Knob, Missouri. Prior to visiting, I had done a lot of research in order to publish a tour of the battle sites on theCivilWarMuse.com. I had just finished publishing the tour on my website when I learned how to publish an eBook using Kindle Direct Publishing. All of the info about the Battle of Pilot Knob was fresh in my mind, so I wrote a book.

Since then I have published several books, listed below.

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Trans-Mississippi Musings Press is theCivilWarMuse's publishing imprint for books he's written or edited. thCivilWarMuse self-publishes using Kindle Direct Publishing and Direct2Digital.

Here is the book list for Trans-Mississippi Musings Press. Touch or click the cover image for more information.

Pfc. David L. Titterington book cover image
Border State Contest book cover image
Battle of Westport Driving Tour book cover image
Big Blue Battlefield Walking Tour book cover image
Battle of Westport Walking Tour book cover image
Quantrill's Revenge book cover image
The Story of a Cavalryman book cover
A Day Late and a Dollar Short book cover
Sterling Price Returns book cover
Border State Contest book cover
The Battle of Pilot Knob book cover
The Fight for Missouri book cover
Shelby and His Men book cover
A Southern Record book cover
The Story of a Cavalry Regiment book cover
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