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Battle of Westport Museum future is up in the air

Posted by The Muse (themuse) on Oct 05 2018
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The Battle of Westport Museum, currently located in the Swope Interpretive Center at Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri, will not be renewing its lease when the 2018 season ends on October 31. Although a search is underway for a new location, at the time of this blog entry, the Monnett Battle of Westport Fund had not located a new facility in which to house the museum.

The museum's season has run from April through October so there is still time for a new facility to be identified before April 2019. Keep updated by periodically checking the Battle of Westport website or this blog. theMuse will continue to provide information regarding the status of the Battle of Westport Museum.

Current location of the Battle of Westport Visitor Center and Museum

Swope Interpretive Center in Swope Park, Kansas City, Missouri

Last changed: Oct 05 2018 at 7:31 AM