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 Guided tour of the Big Blue Battlefield

Guided tour of the Big Blue Battlefield

You may be familiar with my alter ego, theCivilWarMuse, who provides virtual tours of American Civil War sites in the Trans-Mississippi region.

I’ve decided to revise those tours over the next year or so and deploy to this website. One reason is I have learned a whole lot more about these sites and events over the past few years. Another is I plan to optimize the tours so they are easier to use on smart phones.

I am going to save the Big Blue Battlefield tour for last. The Monnett Battle of Westport Fund is in the planning stages of a project to reinterpret the partially restored battlefield. By this time next year there should be a significant number of new interpretive signs and markers. In the meantime theMuse has created a self-guided walking tour

This is a work in progress, so please stay tuned.

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