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New Book Coming: The Civil War Memoirs of Edward F. Winslow, 4th Iowa Cavalry

Posted by The Muse (themuse) on Dec 26 2015
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Coming in the first quarter of 2016!

Trans-Mississippi Musings Press LogoTrans-Mississippi Musings Press is pleased to announce the coming publication of The Story of a Cavalryman: The Civil War Memoirs of Edward F. Winslow, 4th Iowa Cavalry.

Edward Francis WinslowBorn in Maine, Edward F. Winslow was a direct descendant of a man who came to America on the first voyage of the Mayflower. Winslow had moved to Iowa and was working as a railway contractor when the Civil War started. Winslow volunteered, mustering in as the Captain of Company F, 4th Iowa Cavalry in October 1861. Winslow spent the next 18 months learning a cavalryman’s responsibilities and was appointed colonel of his regiment immediately following the fall of Vicksburg. Winslow is assigned greater and greater responsibilities as he rises to the rank of brigadier general by the end of the war. His narrative includes analyses on the use of cavalry during the Union campaigns from July 1863 through April 1865 in the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

William F. Scott, Adjutant, 4th Iowa Cavalry, described Winslow as

“gentle by nature, but filled with the aggressiveness of the cause, and while he earned the love of his subordinates, he compelled the confidence of his superiors.”

“one of that splendid group of young cavalry generals whose tireless campaigns and daring feats, whose fearless assaults and brilliant successes, thrilled the army and the country during the last two years of the great war.”

One of his commanders, Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson declared Winslow

“belongs to a group of American cavalrymen, including Upton, Long, Croxton, Winslow, LaGrange, Alexander, Minty and Miller, all remarkable for their military achievements as well as for their civic virtues. A glance at his history will show how richly he deserved and how fully he won the success and the honors that he gained.”

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