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Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

Posted by The Muse (themuse) on Sep 26 2014
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Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

Hewett, Janet B. et al., eds. Supplement to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Pub. Co., 1994-2001.

It's available for sale from Broadfoot Publishing Company for $5,500. Fortunately for me, my local library has a copy.

Here's an annotated list of volumes.

Part 1: Reports

Reports of engagements, actions, battles, maneuvers, etc., written by an officer to an officer. Included are post war reports requested by the Adjutant General, eyewitness accounts of engagements otherwise infrequently described, and accounts supplying substantive supplemental material, including courts-martial, courts of inquiry and proceedings.

Volume 1 contains supplemental reports for Volumes 1-10, Serial Numbers 1-10 of the original Oficial Records.

Volume 2 contains supplemental reports for Volumes 11-12, Serial Numbers 12-13, 15-16 of the original Official Records.

Volume 3 contains supplemental reports for Volumes 13-21, Serial Numbers 19-22, 24, 26-29, 31 of the original Official Records.

Volume 4 contains supplemental reports for Volumes 22-26, Serial Numbers 32, 34, 36-37, 39, 41 of the original Official Records.

Volume 5 contains supplemental reports for Volumes 27-30, Serial Numbers 43-44, 46, 48, 50-51 of the original Official Records.

Volume 6 contains supplemental reports for Volumes 31-37, Serial Numbers 54-55, 57, 60, 61, 65, 67-68, 70 of the original Official Records.

Volume 7 contains supplemental reports for Volumes 38-50, Serial Numbers 72-74, 77, 80, 83, 87, 90, 92, 93, 95, 98, 101, 103, 105 of the original Official Records.

Volume 8, Serial No. 8 - Warren Court of Inquiry

Volume 9, Serial No. 9 - Proceedings, findings, and opinions of the Court of Inquiry ... in the case of Gouverneur K. Warren, part II

Volume 10, Serial No. 10 - Court-martial proceedings of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert G. Morrison, 34th Indiana Veteran Volunteer Infantry (Volume 48, serial no. 101); Report of Albert James Myer, Union Chief Signal Officer, of the Operations and Duties of the Signal Department of the Army, 1860-1865

Volume 11, Serial No. 11 - Index, A-L

Volume 12, Serial No. 12 - Index, M-Z

Part 2: Record of Events and Itineraries

Volume 1, Serial No. 13, Alabama troops (Union and Confederate)

Volume 2, Serial No. 14, Arizona troops (Confederate); Arkansas troops (Union and Confederate)

Volume 3, Serial No. 15, California troops (Union); Colorado troops (Union); Connecticut troops (Union, 1st-8th Regiments)

Volume 4, Serial No. 16, Connecticut troops (Union, 9th-28th Regiments); Dakota troops (Union); Delaware troops (Union)

Volume 5, Serial No. 17, District of Columbia troops (Union); Florida troops (Union and Confederate); Georgia troops (Union and Confederate, Calvary and Artillery)

Volume 6, Serial No. 18, Georgia troops (Confederate Infantry 1st-46th regiments)

Volume 7, Serial No. 19, Georgia troops (Confederate Infantry 47th-misc. units); Illinois troops (Union Cavalry 1st-9th)

Volume 8, Serial No. 20, Illinois troops (Union Cavalry 10th-Misc, Artillery, Infantry 7th-12th)

Volume 9, Serial No. 21, Illinois troops (Union Infantry 13th-24th)

Volume 10, Serial No. 22, Illinois troops (Union Infantry 25th-37th)

Volume 11, Serial No. 23, Illinois troops (Union Infantry 38th-49th)

Volume 12, Serial No. 24, Illinois troops (Union Infantry 50th-60th)

Volume 13, Serial No. 25, Illinois troops (Union Infantry 73rd-100th)

Volume 14, Serial No. 26, Illinois troops (Union Infantry 101st-134th)

Volume 15, Serial No. 27, Illinois troops (Union Infantry 135th-156th, Misc.); Indiana troops (Union Cavalry 1st-13th, Misc.; Artillery 1st-Misc; Infantry 6th-8th)

Volume 16, Serial No. 28, Indiana troops (Union Infantry 9th~32nd)

Volume 17, Serial No. 29, Indiana troops (Union Infantry 33rd-68th)

Volume 18, Serial No. 30, Indiana troops (Union Infantry 69th-Misc.)

Volume 19, Serial No. 31, Iowa troops (Union Cavalry 1st-9th; Artillery 1st-Misc; Infantry 1st-9th)

Volume 20, Serial No. 32, Iowa troops (Union Infantry 10th-33rd)

Volume 21, Serial No. 33, Iowa troops (Union Infantry 34th-48th); Kansas troops (Union Cavalry 2nd-16th; Artillery; Infantry); Kentucky troops (Union Cavalry 1st-11th)

Volume 22, Serial No. 34, Kentucky troops (Union Cavalry 12th-Misc; Artillery; Infantry 1st-Misc.)

Volume 23, Serial No. 35, Kentucky troops (Confederate Cavalry 1st-Misc; Artillery; Infantry 1st-9th); Louisiana troops (Union Cavalry 1st-Misc; Infantry 1st-2nd); Louisiana troops (Confederate Cavalry 1st-Misc; Artillery; Infantry 1st-4th)

Volume 24, Serial No. 36, Louisiana troops (Confederate Infantry 5th-Misc.)

Volume 25, Serial No. 37, Maine troops (Union Cavalry 1st-2nd; Artillery; Infantry 1st-27th)

Volume 26, Serial No. 38, Maine troops (Union Infantry 28th-Misc); Maryland troops (Union Cavalry 1st-Misc; Artillery 1st-Misc; Infantry 1st-Misc.)

Volume 27, Serial No. 39, Maryland troops (Confederate Cavalry; Artillery; Infantry); Massachusetts troops (Union Cavalry; Artillery, Heavy; Artillery, Light; Infantry 1st-11th)

Volume 28, Serial No. 40, Massachusetts troops (Infantry 10th-30th)

Volume 29, Serial No. 41, Massachusetts troops (Infantry 31st-Misc); Michigan troops (Union Cavalry 1st-4th)

Volume 30, Serial No. 42, Michigan troops (Union Cavalry 5th-Misc; Artillery; Engineers and Mechanics; Sharpshooters; Infantry 1st-9th)

Volume 31, Serial No. 43, Michigan troops (Union Infantry 10th-Misc); Minnesota troops (Union Cavalry; Artillery; Infantry 1st-4th)

Volume 32, Serial No. 44, Minnesota troops (Union Infantry 5th-11th); Mississippi troops (Union Infantry); Mississippi troops (Confederate Cavalry; Artillery; Infantry 1st-3rd)

Volume 33, Serial No. 45, Mississippi troops (Confederate Infantry 4th-30th)

Volume 34, Serial No. 46, Mississippi troops (Confederate Infantry 31st-lndependent); Missouri troops (Union Cavalry 1st-4th)

Volume 35, Serial No. 47, Missouri troops (Union Cavalry 4th State Militia-Misc.)

Volume 36, Serial No. 48, Missouri troops (Union Artillery; Engineers; Infantry)

Volume 37, Serial No. 49, Missouri troops (Union Infantry 12th-40th)

Volume 38, Serial No. 50, Missouri troops (Union Infantry 41st-Misc); Missouri troops (Confederate Cavalry 1st-Misc; Artillery; Infantry 1st-Misc); Nebraska troops (Union Cavalry 1st-1st Battalion)

Volume 39, Serial No. 51, Nebraska troops (Union Cavalry 2nd-Misc); Nevada troops (Union Cavalry 1st Battalion; Infantry 1st Battalion); New Hampshire troops (Union Cavalry 1st; Artillery 1st Heavy; Infantry 1st-18th, Misc.); New Jersey troops (Union Cavalry 1st-3rd, Van Reypen's Co.; Artillery 1st-5th; Infantry 1st-2nd)

Volume 40, Serial No. 52, New Jersey troops (Union Infantry 3rd-40th)

Volume 41, Serial No. 53, New Mexico troops (Union Cavalry; Infantry); New York troops (Union Cavalry; Heavy Artillery 2nd-7th)

Volume 42, Serial No. 54, New York troops (Union Heavy Artillery 8th-1st Marine; Light Artillery; Infantry 1st-9th)

Volume 43, Serial No. 55, New York troops (Union Infantry 10th-47th State Militia)

Volume 44, Serial No. 56, New York troops (Union Infantry 48th-75th)

Volume 45, Serial No. 57, New York troops (Union Infantry 76th-102nd National Guard)

Volume 46, Serial No. 58, New York troops (Union Infantry 103rd-139th)

Volume 47, Serial No. 59, New York troops (Union Infantry 140th-Misc.)

Volume 48, Serial No. 60, North Carolina troops (Union Infantry); North Carolina troops (Confederate Cavalry; Artillery; Infantry 1st-25th)

Volume 49, Serial No. 61, North Carolina troops (Confederate Infantry 26th-Misc); Ohio troops (Union Cavalry 1st-6th)

Volume 50, Serial No. 62, Ohio troops (Union Cavalry 7th-Misc; Artillery; Infantry 5th Sharpshooters-6th Reserve Militia)

Volume 51, Serial No. 63, Ohio troops (Union Infantry 7th-27th)

Volume 52, Serial No. 64, Ohio troops (Union Infantry 28th-54th)

Volume 53, Serial No. 65, Ohio troops (Union Infantry 55th-76th)

Volume 54, Serial No. 66, Ohio troops (Union Infantry 77th-103rd)

Volume 55, Serial No. 67, Ohio troops (Union Infantry 104th-142nd National Guard)

Volume 56, Serial No. 68, Ohio troops (Union Infantry 143rd National Guard-Misc); Oregon troops (Union Cavalry 1st; Infantry 1st); Pennsylvania troops (Union Cavalry 1st Bttn-6th)

Volume 57, Serial No. 69, Pennsylvania troops (Union Cavalry 7th-Misc; Artillery 2nd Heavy)

Volume 58, Serial No. 70, Pennsylvania troops (Union Artillery 2nd Prov.-Misc; Infantry 1st Res.-20th Emergency)

Volume 59, Serial No. 71, Pennsylvania troops (Union Infantry 21st-56th)

Volume 60, Serial No. 72, Pennsylvania troops (Union Infantry 57th-88th)

Volume 61, Serial No. 73, Pennsylvania troops (Union Infantry 90th-115th)

Volume 62, Serial No. 74, Pennsylvania troops (Union Infantry 116th-165th)

Volume 63, Serial No. 75, Pennsylvania troops (Union Infantry 166th-Misc.); Rhode Island troops (Union Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry, Independent Hospital Guards)

Volume 64, Serial No. 76, South Carolina troops (Confederate Cavalry 1st-Misc.; Artillery; Infantry 1st-11th)

Volume 65, Serial No. 77, South Carolina troops (Confederate Infantry 11th Reserves-27th, Misc.); Tennessee troops (Union Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry)

Volume 66 , Serial No. 78, Tennessee troops (Confederate Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry 1st-23rd)

Volume 67, Serial No. 79, Tennessee troops (Confederate Infantry 24th-154th, Misc.); Texas troops (Union Cavalry); Texas troops (Confederate Cavalry 1st-12th)

Volume 68, Serial No. 80, Texas troops (Confederate Cavalry 13th-37th, Misc.; Artillery; Infantry 1st-15th)

Volume 69, Serial No. 81, Texas troops (Confederate Infantry 18th-Misc); Vermont troops (Union); Virginia troops (Union); Virginia troops (Confederate Cavalry 1st-10th)

Volume 70, Serial No. 82, Virginia troops (Confederate Cavalry 11th-Misc; Artillery; Infantry 1st-4th)

Volume 71, Serial No. 83, Virginia troops (Confederate Infantry 4th Reserves-25th)

Volume 72, Serial No. 84, Virginia troops (Confederate Infantry 25th Battalion-64th Militia)

Volume 73, Serial No. 85, Virginia troops (Confederate Militia-Misc); Confederate troops (Cavalry; Artillery; Infantry; Indian units; Miscellaneous units); Washington Territory troops (Union); West Virginia troops (Union Cavalry 1st-3rd)

Volume 74, Serial No. 86, West Virginia troops (Union Cavalry 4th-7th; Artillery; Infantry); Wisconsin troops (Union Cavalry 1st-4th)

Volume 75, Serial No. 87, Wisconsin troops (Union Artillery; Infantry 1st-14th)

Volume 76, Serial No. 88, Wisconsin troops (Union Infantry 15th-40th)

Volume 77, Serial No. 89, Wisconsin troops (Union Infantry 41st-53rd; U.S. Colored troops (Union Cavalry; Artillery; Infantry 1st-41st)

Volume 78, Serial No. 90, U.S. Colored troops (Union Infantry 42nd-92nd)

Volume 79, Serial No. 91, U.S. Colored troops (Union Infantry 93rd-Brigade Band No. 2); U.S. Volunteers (Union); U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps (Union 1st-14th)

Volume 80, Serial No. 92, U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps (Union 15th-Unassigned regiment); Miscellaneous Units; Indian Home Guards; Mississippi Marine Brigade; Pioneer Brigade (Army of the Cumberland).

Part 3: Correspondence

Essential correspondence omitted from the original Official Records.

Volume 1, Serial No. 93, Union: April 30-December 26, 1861; Confederate: January 3-December 30, 1861; Union: January-July 28, 1962; Confederate: January-February 28, 1862

Volume 2, Serial No. 94, Union: August 8-December 24, 1862; Confederate: March 1-December 29, 1862

Volume 3, Serial No. 95, Union: January 1-December 22, 1863; Confederate: January 1-December 19, 1963; Union: February 10-December 29, 1864; Confederate: January-December 31, 1864; Union: January 2-June 6, 1865; Confederate: January 7-May 10, 1865.

Part 4: Index

Includes more than 1,000,000 entries and cross-references for all of the Supplement materials.

Volumes 1-5, Serial Nos. 96-100, Index - 5 Volumes

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