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Trail Maintenance Out on the Big Blue Battlefield

Posted by The Muse (themuse) on Oct 13 2017
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In cooperation with the Monnett Battle of Westport FundtheCivilWarMuse is in the process of revising the Big Blue Battlefield Walking tour. Trans-Mississippi Musings Press will be publishing a paperback edition of the updated tour guide later this year.

Now that the City of Kansas City has extended the Blue River Trail north of 63rd Street, it is much easier to access portions of the Big Blue Battlefield on the east side of the Big Blue River.

The Big Blue Battlefield Wlaking Tour is still broken into two geographical areas separated by the Blue River. Here are a couple of maps showing the tours stops on each side of the river. Click on the thumbnail to load a higher res image.


Big Blue Battlefield Walking Tour, East Big Blue Battlefield Walking Tour, West

Stretches of the Historic Byram's Ford Road will be marked with the following signs:

Sign marking Historic Byram's Ford Road

Three new trails are being marked as part of the update walking tour.


Dee's Battalion Trail

Sign for Dee's Battalion Trail

Bloody Hill Trail

Sign for Bloody Hill Trail

Marmaduke's Defense Line Trail

Sign for Marmaduke's Defense Line Trail


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