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Check out the New Battle of Westport website

Posted by The Muse (themuse) on Feb 19 2022
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"Storm of Lead," original painting by Tom Beard

"Storm of Lead," original painting by Tom Beard

As you may be aware, I sit on the Board of Directors of the Monnett Battle of Westport Fund, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to interpreting and preserving the sites associated with the Battle of Westport.

At the annual meeting, I was asked to take over website adminstration of the Battle of Westport website. This involved moving the exiting content over to a whole new hosting platform, as well as adding a whole lot more content to the website.

In addition to learning about the Battle of Westport, we now have the ability to accept online donations, schedule expert led battlefield tours,  and schedule presentations about the Civil War in Missouri and Kansas from our expert staff members.

To schedule a tour or presentation, book an appointment with one of our staff members to help us understand your requirements for the tour or presentation. There is no charge for presentations but there is a fee schedule for expert led battlefield tours.

There is also a new Battle of Westport blog. You can subscribe to the blog by going to the website's Home page an scroll down until you see Subscribe.

Hope you enjoy the new website.

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