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Trans-Mississippi Musings

The Battle of Pilot Knob (Trans-Mississippi Musings Volume 1)


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In the summer of 1864, Confederate Major General Sterling Price receives the go ahead to launch a cavalry raid into his home state of Missouri. It’s at the very end of summer, that Price enters Missouri at the head of an army of about 12,000 men, most of whom are Missourians.

Price’s first objective is to capture the great western city of St. Louis. But first he has a decision to make. A small, Federal force of about 1,200 men is occupying Fort Davidson in Pilot Knob, Missouri. Price has to decide if he should bypass Fort Davidson and head directly for St. Louis. Will a small Federal force in his rear pose a danger to his army?

Price knows he outnumbers the Federals by 10-to-1. He decides to dispose of the Federals in Fort Davidson before moving on to St. Louis. This book tells the story of the fight that changes the outcome of the great 1864 Confederate cavalry raid into Missouri.