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-Politics and Personalities: How Kansas Became a State-

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This is the story about the path taken to Kansas statehood, about the events which took place from 1854 through January 1861, focusing on the political events, as opposed to the violence of the period that led to the label, “Bleeding Kansas,” used by many for this period of Kansas history.


  • Compromises over Slavery
  • Kansas Settlers
  • Territorial Legislative Elections
  • The “Bogus” Legislature
  • Free State Elections
  • The Topeka Constitution
  • The Lecompton Constitution
  • The Leavenworth Constitution
  • The Wyandotte Constitution
  • The State Elections
  • Kansas Statehood


  • Stephen A. Douglas
  • Charles Robinson
  • James H. Lane
  • Andrew H. Reeder
  • David R. Atchison
  • James Buchanan
  • Samuel D. Lecompte
  • Wilson P. Shannon
  • John W. Geary
  • Robert J. Walker
  • Fred P. Stanton
  • George W. Brown
  • Thomas Ewing, Jr.
  • James W. Denver
  • Samuel Medary
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