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-Rebellion in Missouri: The Paw Paw Militia-

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The Paw-Paw Militia was a military organization composed of the 81st and 82nd Regiments of Enrolled Missouri Militia, a force organized in the summer of 1863, by order of Governor Hamilton R. Gamble to act as a home guard for the civilian population of Northwest Missouri. The title "Paw-Paw" seems to have been a derisive one, conferred on the unit because of the supposed sympathy of some of their number with the bushwhackers and guerrillas who infested "the brush" in northern Missouri. This is the story of a rebellion by units of these Enrolled Missouri Militia units during the spring of 1864.


  • Politics during the Civil War in Missouri
  • Guerrilla War in Missouri
  • Enrolled Missouri Militia
  • Aftermath of Lawrence Massacre
  • Paw-Paw Enrollment
  • Confederate Recruiting in Platte County
  • Pursuit of Paw Paws


  • Hamilton R. Gamble
  • John M. Schofield
  • George H. Hoyt
  • William C. Quantrill
  • James H. Moss
  • William M. Paxton
  • John H. Winston
  • John C. Calhoun Thornton
  • William S. Rosecrans
  • Samuel R. Curtis
  • Clinton B. Fisk
  • Charles F. “Fletch” Taylor
  • John Thrailkill
  • James H. Ford
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